Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter aims to give each one of us a chance to fund our ideas, starting directly with the people who are closest to it (friends, fans, community-fellows). And it’s a way to break beyond the traditional methods — loans, investment, industry deals, grants — to discover that we can offer each other value through creation without a middleman dictating the product and terms.

Kickstarter provides an incredible opportunity for both the inventors and the investors by supporting their needs and answering their questions. They motivate both of them to make a project successful which is one of the unique benefits of kickstarter. Not only this, they also assist in getting a project full funding much before the time expires by communicating and spreading information through word.

With 90% of the book already completed there was no better way to draw attention towards this refreshing take on cancer. Helping to obtain the backing needed to run the first printing directly to the buyer.

Thank you.