Dad's Story told by me!

Told by ME!

You deserve to KNOW!

Whats the story?

This story is narrated through the eyes of a child and how he humorously witnessed and re-enacts the stages of his father's malignancy. You are transported through the steps in a delicate and helpful way to humanize the disease. This book encourages the reader to examine the impact it could have on the children or the entire family. 20% of PROFITS will be sent to charity!

ME? With a clean bill of health. Never smoked, rarely drank alcohol but still managed to wake up one morning with throat cancer. Lucky enough I was permitted a second chance. A possibility to have a closer look at life, a prospect to be with my wife and two boys. Anticipation of laughing once more, a chance to share my story with you.


A humorous compiling story from a child's point of view. Over six years of procrastinating before completing this book! :)

Sketches ~N~ Preview

The Craziness!

From Start to Finish

The Stages



Having Fun!

Getting through it ALL!

Light at the end of tunnel

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